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Smell Proof Bag

Keep your stash safe and avoid attracting unwanted attention while on the go with a bag from our smell proof bags with lock collection.

Lock in those odors

Traveling with items that have strong odors will no longer be a challenge. This smell proof bag offers an easy way to store your items and lock the odor in. These bags feature premium carbon lining technology that absorbs odors. Even the strongest odors are no match for these odor-proof bags. The bag will keep the odors from permeating into other items in your luggage and ensure you don’t attract unwanted attention. Travel with your plants, cigar stash, essential oils and other accessories with peace of mind.

Keep your items fresh

These odor-free bags won’t only help to keep odors locked in but also ensure your items stay fresh. The bags come with a free airtight jar. This jar is not only odor-proof but will also keep spices, plants and other delicate items safe from physical damage. These durable 120ml jars will protect your items from being crushed.

The airtight jars will keep air and moisture away from any items you store in them. This ensures maximum freshness. They’re excellent for storage in any weather.

Stay organized

 Buy a smell proof bag and keep your items organized. These bags are large, providing enough room to carry your items safely. They feature removable Velcro dividers to separate items stored in the bag. You can store a wide variety of accessories or different types of plants and not have to worry about them getting all mixed up. The extra zipper mesh pocket provides even more room for storage. The bag will ensure easy access to all those little items.

Keep your items secure

You won’t have to worry about prying eyes or sticky fingers. These bags feature a high-quality combination lock to keep unwanted hands out of your stash. These lockable bags also feature heavy- duty zippers that will ensure items stay safely enclosed while you’re on the go. Keep the bag locked for peace of mind when traveling with young children to keep them safe. The bag is also great for keeping items secure at home or in the office. It’s an inexpensive, versatile and secure storage solution.

This bag is sure to become a faithful companion to you for many years to come. Browse our selection of smell-proof bags and buy yours today.