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Diaper Caddy Organizer

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What is a diaper caddy?

A diaper caddy is the storage container you set on top of your changing table (or within easy reach), where you can store all the baby’s changing essentials. An organized diaper caddy is a must for nursery changing station. You need some kind of system to keep everything you might need mid-change at your fingertips when does caos night comes. For me is important to have my changing station organized, and the key is to regular update the things that I store here to meet our baby’s current needs. 

Our baby diaper organizer for changing station make the life of a new parent way easier when it comes to organizing your baby supplies.

Baby diaper caddies are mobile so you can move around with it and they keep everything organized in one place. 

Our diaper caddy basket is eco-friendly and non-toxic. The outside is made 100% cotton and the inside is a lining of 190t polyester which guarantees the safety of your baby. It’s not treated with chemicals. 

If you are the type of woman that thrives on the organization you will get high with our diaper caddy basket. It will make a world of difference in your nursery room.

What to put in a diaper caddy? 

Diaper, of course

Diapers are the main items that should be put in a diaper caddy. You need get a caddy that can accommodate as many diapers as possible so that you do not keep running out. Even if you use cloth diapers, you can store other baby essentials on it. 

Diaper cream 

Your baby may not need to have the cream applier at every diaper change. But it is important to have one nearby just in case you notice a rash on the baby when changing. With our first daughter we use it a lot, but that’s not the case with the others two. 


Wipes are a must have when changing diapers for a lot of moms, I prefer to clean my babies with water and natural soap. But we used to have disposable ones or cloth wipes when we go out, to grandma’s house or in the car. 

Wipe warmer

A wipe warmer is essential especially for those cold nights and freezing days. You don’t want to use a cold wipe in the middle of the night as this might make it difficult for the baby to fall back to sleep. 

Hand sanitizer

Of course, we use it a lot when we were out. You need to a hand sanitizer for use after changing.

Burp cloth

I breastfeed from different parts of the house; in the kitchen, on the couch, bedroom and even in the nursery. Thus, you need to have some burp cloths in your portable diaper caddy so that you can pull one when necessary.

Small toys

Most babies do not stay still during diaper changes. They wiggle a lot trying to find something around them to grab and entertain themselves during the changing period. So toys come in handy to keep them calm and ease the process.

Change of clothes

So you are doing a diaper change and then you notice that everything blew out of the diaper onto the baby’s clothes. If you are changing in the living room, you might have to run upstairs to get clean clothes for the baby. But if you have some neatly packed in the portable diaper caddy, you just go ahead and change the baby.

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