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Fitness While Pregnant - Is It Safe?

For many years it was believed that once a woman became pregnant she should just lounge on the couch and rest for hours on end, each and every day. After numerous clinical studies it was found that most women should do quite the opposite. In most cases, women should continue with their daily routines, and if they are not doing so already, they should begin a regular daily fitness regimen. It has been found that exercising during pregnancy has numerous beneficial effec...

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Bathing Your Newborn Baby

Research shows that the greasy film covering your baby, vernix, is a wonderful source of moisture for your baby's delicate skin. And if you don't wipe it off, it is reabsorbed. So your baby will be less likely to develop dry skin patches. Pre-term babies have much more of this protective layer than full-term babies.

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Parents: All About Your Baby's Cries

It is perfectly normal to worry when a baby cries. As parents, it’s okay to feel responsible and even uneasy when your baby is crying and you don’t understand why. Be that as it may, until the point when your child figures out how to talk, crying is his or her first (and one of the main) methods for correspondence. 

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