The Third Trimester – Nutrition & Exercise Tips Nutrition

By now, you should have had several appointments with your doctor and he/she should be monitoring your progress.

What your calorie requirement should be in the third trimester will be determined by your condition. Your doctor will advise you if you need to eat more or less. Just follow the doctor’s advice.

By now, the baby bump should be showing significantly. It may hinder most of the exercise movements that you’re accustomed too. However, you will still be able to go walking or use the stationary bike. For example; 20 minutes walk a day.

The goal is just to be moving. Don’t focus on sweating or getting your heart pumping. It’s not about intensity. It’s about movement.

You can follow the same strength training exercises mentioned during the second trimester.

Alternatively, you may wish to go for a few classes of yoga specifically designed for pregnant women. These classes often focus on stretching and also relieving the tension in the back, legs and neck area.

In the last trimester, every movement might be an effort. If you feel like you’re not in the mood to exercise or it’s just too much effort, you may take a break.

Being happy also matters because if you’re happy, the baby will be happy too.

You may also wish to meditate and relax to clear your mind and de-stress. There is immense power in mediation.


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