The First Trimester of Pregnancy – Nutrition & Exercise Tips

First Trimester of Pregnancy

During your first trimester, your calorie intake does not have to significantly increase. However, you must ensure that you’re getting all the right vitamins, minerals, etc. This is especially true for folic acid.

You should NOT be dieting or trying to keep your weight down. It is normal to gain some weight during your first trimester. Enjoy the pregnancy process.
Do not fight it for vanity reasons.


Your strength and stamina prior to getting pregnant will determine how much exercise you can do during your first trimester.

There is a fallacy that pregnant women should not exercise for fear of injuring their baby. This is not true. Pregnancy is not an excuse to become a couch potato.

In fact, your pregnancy will be easier if you’re moderately active. The key word here is moderately. Avoid all high impact training regimens such as HIIT, Crossfit or Tabata during your first trimester.

One of the best forms of exercise that you can do is brisk walking. In fact, just going for a daily 30 minute walk can be highly beneficial. Ask your partner to follow you too so that you have company and there is some bonding time.
If you were highly active before your pregnancy, you may miss your cardio sessions.

You may still engage in cardio sessions as long as they are low impact. A stationary bike is a good way to break a sweat. Swimming is also excellent. It is low impact and yet, very effective.

High impact exercises such as kickboxing, skipping, full body workouts, etc. should be avoided.

Do not workout to the point where you are breathless and gasping for air. Your goal is to be active… You’re not training for the Olympics.
You want to exercise to get your blood circulation and your heart pumping. It’s more about activity than achievement. Avoid strenuous workouts.

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