Parenting Tips: Baby Safety – Toys

Toys are good for your child, but they can also pose danger. Their little hands grab onto anything they can reach and stuff them into their mouth. Keeping your child safe is your responsibility as a parent. Follow these expert tips to keep your child out of harm:

Parenting Tips: Baby Safety - we care vida

  • Choose appropriate toys for your child – pay close attention to age recommendations on toys.
  • Carefully dispose toy wrappings as it may pose a risk for suffocation.
  • Regularly check the toys for sharp edges, chewed parts, or parts that have the possibility of coming off – always keep the toys in good condition and dispose those that are broken or have slight damages
  • Keep the toys clean – check for cleaning instructions for corresponding toys
  • Don’t give young children any toys with small parts such as removable parts as they might choke on it - it is important to consider that the toys or toy parts should be larger than the baby’s mouth.
  • Be careful around toys with strings, cords or ribbons of any kind – they must be kept away as they can possibly entangle your child and cause injury or even death.
  • Be cautions around rubber toys such as balloons as they cause injury when they explode or even cause choking.
  • Educate your older children about toy safety – teach them to keep their toys away from their younger siblings as it can be dangerous for them.
  • Be sure to keep the toys after the play and store them in a safe container such as WeCareVida’s Versatile Storage Basket.

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