Baby signals for new parents

Baby signals for new parentsHaving your own baby for the first time is quite a challenge. It is very common to feel anxious and helpless because your baby can’t really talk, and you don’t know why they are crying or anything of the sort. Babies have their own special way to communicate upon birth. They give signals such as cries or some subtle gestures such as looking away from you. Here are some common signals babies give to communicate:

Crying – indicates that they may be hungry, thirsty, too hot or cold, frightened, need a cuddle or closeness with you, bored, lonely, unwell or have pain, e.g. tummy ache or earache. Check and identify the possible causes to deal with it effectively.

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Makes eye contact, looks eagerly at something, smiling, calm and smooth breathing, cooing, turns to look towards sounds, relaxed and smooth body movements – indicates that they are calm and ready for bonding and interaction.

Making fists with his hands, putting his hands on his face, clasped together hands, curling up, straightening or stretching his legs, leaning his body on the side of the crib, leaning on his mother’s neck – indicates that they might be drowsy and wants to sleep. They might want to settle and not be disturbed.

Sucking his fingers – may indicate that he is hungry especially if it is his feeding time or looking for a treat or a nipple. May also indicate that he may be comforting himself.

Splaying his fingers when sleeping or when falling asleep – indicates that he wants to rest and does not want to be disturbed.

Looking away, grimacing, grunting, frowning, attempts to push you away, jerky movements, squirming, irritable – indicates that he may be overstimulated and annoyed, you should remove the stimuli such as noise, uncomfortable or soiled diapers, etc.

Learn and care for your baby. Your experience as a parent will build you up to be a better person. So never stop learning and be a better and responsible parent.


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