10 Fun Baby Facts For New Parents

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You have your little bundle of joy, How do you take care of them? A millions of questions are keeping you awake at night. Are you doing it right? Is there something missing? From getting breastfeeding started, to washing and bathing your baby and changing their nappy.

Here are some few tips to everything you need to know about caring and pampering your new baby during those exhausting, sleepless and stressful but wonderful early weeks of motherhood.

1. Your baby has a specific cry that you can recognize just three days after birth. Researchers have found that a new mom can pick out her baby's individual cry even if there are other crying babies in the room.

2. Your newborn needs to be close to you and her entire body is designed to make you help her feel safe. Her sweet little nose, large eyes, round forehead, and chubby arms and legs are all designed to trigger an emotional response that elicits a feeling of fierce love and protection so you will do everything in your power to keep her feeling warm and safe.

3. A baby as young as 25 weeks can respond to touch and it's a newborn's most advanced sense. The development of the sense of touch starts at the head and stretches down to the toes, which is why babies put things in their mouths.

4. A baby can smile instinctively. For years, experts thought a baby smiled because she was just copying the actions of those around her, but even blind babies can smile.

5. Your baby's brain will double in the first year of life. The brain at one-year-old is half the size of an adult brain.

6. Babies are always listening -- even before they're born. Even a baby as young as two days old will recognize his mother's voice, even if he only hears one single syllable.

7. In your baby's first three months of life, he can only see things that are eight or nine inches away. This is the perfect distance to see your face when you're holding and feeding your baby, but it also lets him focus on his hands and the rest of his own body.

8. When they're very young, a baby's sense of smell is quite developed. It's much stronger than yours and a newborn uses his sense of smell to get to know his parents. Avoid strong smells like fabric softener, perfume, and shampoos to help your baby know who you are.

9. Your baby is connected to your emotions and your feelings -- even before he's born. Researchers had pregnant women listen to different types of music via headphones and then tracked their baby's movements with an ultrasound. If the mom was listening to music that she enjoyed, the babies move around more. While many babies move around when music is playing, the headphones meant that the babies were responding to their mother's emotions and not the music itself.

10. Although your baby can cry at birth, you won't usually see any tears for a few weeks or months. Tears can appear at three weeks, but some babies won't have tears until they're four or five months old. Stress hormones are found in tears and releasing these hormones is a way to calm your baby down.

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Happy Parenting 🥰


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