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I’ve put together a list of 9 tried and true ways to help you (and your children) survive these unprecedented times of quarantining together while actually getting your work done (on time, preferably). 9 Useful Tips To Work From Home With Kids Successfully 1. Make room 2. Keep your expectations reasonable 3. Use tech to your advantage 4. Plan your day in advance 5. Be flexible with your workspace 6. Rely on your partner 7. Make your life easier 8. Teach your kids to be independent 9. Make it do

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Why the Odds of Getting Pregnant Decline with Age?

The odds of getting pregnant decline with age. The odds of getting pregnant are the greatest for a woman in her early twenties and then slowly decline with the passing years. Here are some numbers related to the chances of getting pregnant and age:1. For ages early to mid-thirties - a woman in general will be about 15-20% less fertile.2. For ages mid to late thirties - fertility will generally decline by up to 50%.3. For women ages early to mid-forties - fertility...

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Identical Twins

Twins are two people who have shared the same womb at the same time. They may also have come from the same egg. Twin births are becoming more and more common due to several factors such as increasing use of fertility treatments, child births at an older age, and even genetic factors. Women who are slightly above-average in build are also likely to have multiple births or twins. Certain ethnic groups are also found to have a greater twin population. One in every 250 births in the world could be an identical twin birth.

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In vitro Fertilization - The Male Role

  For many couples, the introduction of children into a relationship is the ultimate fulfillment and goal of the relationship. Unfortunately for some of the couples, medical conditions may exist that will prevent natural fertilization. In those cases, the affected couple may opt to conceive via In vitro Fertilization. For those couples of decide to pursue In vitro fertilization, the time leading up to the fertilization will be very process oriented - there will be consultations, evaluations, forms, literature and a lot of listening. At times it may seem overwhelming and frightening. Who is in vitro fertilization for? IVF is not for everyone; in fact, less than 5% of infertile couples resort to IVF because other infertility fixes are usually...

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